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All You Need To Know About Freon and Its Usage By Your Air Conditioner

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So many people depend on an air conditioner to make their rooms more comfortable. These handy appliances provide the benefit of having a cooler temperature anytime you want. As a result, you can relax better, be more productive with your tasks, and be far away from every ailment caused by the heat of the sun. But of course, air conditioners don’t run on magic. They’re a clever combination of different components that work together seamlessly to lower a room’s temperature. Aside from these components, air conditioners also use something called Freon in its operation. Let’s find out what Freon is and its importance to an air conditioner’s function.

What is Freon?

Basically, Freon is a kind of gas that doesn’t have any color to it. Also known as refrigerants, Freon is actually a brand for this type of gas used in air conditioners. It works by making the air absorbed by an AC unit cooler. There are several components inside an air conditioner that stores Freon and exposes them to the absorbed air and releases it back to your room. At the same time, the air conditioner will expel any excess heat from the process outside of your room.

Where is Freon used?

Aside from air conditioners, there are other appliances that use Freon to create a cooler environment for various purposes. One of these appliances is a refrigerator. These appliances use this kind of refrigerant to expel any heat to cool down food products to prevent them from rotting. Furthermore, several industrial and commercial establishments also use a lot of Freon to cool certain rooms to preserve important materials. An example of this establishment is a warehouse where a huge amount of meat products are stored before they are sold in the market.

Why is Freon Dangerous?

Due to its chemical substance, Freon is slowly being phased out all over the world right now. Freon is known to contribute to the worsening state of our ozone layer. That’s because the nature of Freon is to destroy important elements in the said atmospheric layer and exposing our planet to an increase of heat generated by the sun. There are a lot of appliances and machines that use Freon over the last couple of decade and their usage has greatly contributed to global warming. As a matter of fact, a protocol has been agreed on by the United States of America and major countries of the world to reduce usage of harmful substances, such as Freon, in a given amount of time.

As of now, efforts are being made to create appliances that use a different kind of refrigerant. At the same time, there are those who seek older appliances or machines to safely dispose Freon without causing it to leak and damage our ozone layer further.

What You Should Do

Tech. Sgt. Clement Cheung, an 8th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technician, installs a new chiller at a dormitory at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, July 30, 2012. To install the new 2.5-ton unit, the HVAC shop coordinated with CES electricians and heavy equipment operators to get the job done. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Brigitte N. Brantley/Released)

If you’re afraid your air conditioner is leaking harmful Freon into the atmosphere, there’s an easy way of finding it out. Check if your AC unit was created after 2003. Air conditioners manufactured before this year uses Freon and it would be wise to replace them with a new one right away. If it’s one of the newer models, check for another issue that you need to address – leaks. If the freon level of your AC unit drops down, it probably has a leak. In this case, you have to call professionals to perform quality ac repair services at your home. Otherwise, the freon in your AC will just be wasted and you will need to refill over and over again.





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