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Five-Minute Hacks to Unclog your Kitchen Sink

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Clogged drains is one of those scenarios that we can’t just leave behind. It causes much hassle, especially when you find out about the morning that you’re about to be late for work! The best way to go about this is to hire trained plumber in singapore.

Don’t worry though because we have the safest and most efficient hacks to solve your problem. And you’ll need only five minutes to perform these techniques.


Try Hot Water First


For all you know, it’s not really the baking soda nor vinegar that does the magic whenever you put this mixture in your sink. The clogs in your drain and pipes are usually composed of fats and accumulated grease that prevent the passage of water. Vinegar and baking soda are not strong enough to remove these stuff.

Why don’t you try to use hot water alone and see if it does not do what vinegar and baking soda claim they are able to do?



Use a Plunger

Even with the advanced technology that we have now, every household still has to have a plunger ready for some sink clog emergencies.

For young couples who have just moved in to their new apartment, you might still be wondering if this simple stuff really works. Well, it does. For ordinary blockages in your drain, you just need to plunge this tool over and over for half a minute until the water goes down.

One tip, though. Buy two to three plungers for your home – one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, and another one for emergency purposes, such as when you break either of your plungers.


Trust the Plumber’s Auger

Every handyman shop has this plumbing tool because it has stood the test of time. The simple mechanism used by this tool is to hold on to the cause of clog in your drain so you can either pull it out or sink it deeper until it’s finally flushed out.

It does not take too much effort to use a snake drain. This is the main reason why it’s still one of the top choices of moms and dads when it comes to solving a clogged drain.



Clean the P-Trap

Should you wonder what the P-trap is, it’s the U-shaped and thick pipe under your sink where the grease and other particles usually settle. When these particles get stuck in the curved part of the P-trap, that’s when clogging happens.

If the plunger and the plumber’s auger wouldn’t work, and the clogging happens over and over, you might have to clean the P-trap. If you can still spare some time, you can also leave this task to the hands of capable contractors who offer plumbing services at reasonable rates.


Use Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaners

I’ve tried using dish washing liquids and some detergents to unclog the skin or the toilet bowl, but they’re not that effective in recurring cases of clogging.

In these cases, you’ll need the help of commercial cleaners that are formulated to remove the stubborn clog in your sink. I highly advice that you go for non-chemical ones. You can find eco-friendly sink cleaners next to the most popular brands. They’re worth the try.





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