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Five Outdoor Design Elements that Will Give Character to your Gardens

Looking at your own garden with blooming flowers and healthy greens during the golden hour is probably the scenario you’re dying to have every time you go home. Sadly, designing your garden is not as easy as you think. It’s not as simple as lining up some plant pots, installing a garden sprinkler to nourish them daily, and putting some rustic design elements to make your garden more appealing. In fact, merely picking the right plants for your garden is already a difficult task if you have a very limited knowledge about plants. But if you just need inspirations to jumpstart your garden design project, we’ve listed down some of the elements that you might want to incorporate with your outdoor haven.   Trees Need I say more? These tall elements in your garden will definitely set the tone of its ambiance. Yes, trees can be intimidating especially when you’re just starting out with gardening, but if you learn and try early on, it will be fulfilling to see these trees growing more beautifully as the years go by. In fact, if you do a little research, trees are not really that complicated to take care of. There are low-maintenance kinds such as the Saga tree and the Tembusu tree. Both of them have flowers that bloom beautifully especially under the sunset.   Benches and Furniture Relaxing in the middle of your own garden is one of the best ways to spend the weekend. If you want to have some time alone to think things over, your garden at home is the best spot to do just that. For ultimate relaxation and comfort, install benches and furniture in your outdoor garden that will also make it more beautiful. You can choose from a wide variety of outdoor garden furniture, like a wooden center table, a huge and stylish lounge chair , or an outdoor bed.   Water Features Whether it’s an elaborate and structured fountain or a small decoration with a water feature, they are all relaxing to look at. They add up to the cozy atmosphere in the garden. Two to three water features are enough to make a small garden more calming.   The Succulent Corner   While succulents are invading home interiors these days, it will still bring cuteness to your garden if you have a succulent corner.  This will break the monotony of all the trees and other ordinary plants all around your outdoor living area. A succulent corner will surely be one of the spots that you can decorate regularly.   Unique Bird Houses How else can you give your garden the forest feels? Make sure there are birds humming around all day and all night. Give them houses in the area and fill these bird houses with feeds. This way, you can expect them not to leave your garden. Aside from serving as attractions for birds, you can make this garden feature stylish in order to add character to your outdoor living area. Paint them with funky colors. Make them look classy. Put some miniature furniture in them. Extend your imagination so you can transform these simple bird houses into artworks! SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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